Saaremaa – Estonia – GoSpa

I was invited by the GoSpa to visit the island of Saaremaa, the largest of the Estonian islands and 200 km from Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. It is an ideal place to spend a few relaxing days! Come here, I want to tell you all about this incredible weekend. The island of Saaremaa has … Continue lendo Saaremaa – Estonia – GoSpa


Maarjamäe Castle – “MY FREE COUNTRY”

The exhibition "My Free Country" takes visitors on an incredible journey of 100 years, from the birth of the Republic of Estonia to the present day, there are important details of the history that draw attention to every detail in the exhibition. Important events and decisions unfold through fragments of memory, objects and movies, as … Continue lendo Maarjamäe Castle – “MY FREE COUNTRY”